What is a Domain?

By August 24, 2012Web Hosting
web hosting what is a domain name

Every website needs a domain name. An appropriate domain name lends credibility and authenticity to a website. A domain name’s function in the world is to make it easy for you to find a website.

For instance, in order to find CNN on the Internet, you wouldn’t want to have to remember their IP address is It’s much easier to remember CNN.com. The domain name (CNN.com) points to the IP address (

Fortunately, you don’t have to wade through understanding IP address mapping or domain name resolution. Just remember: an IP address is how computers find each other; domain names are how people find each other.

If you are a business, you really need to get your own domain name. For others, having their own self-branded domain name may not be important, but available domain names are able to be purchased for a very small annual fee, so if you find a good one that means something to you (like your name,) why not pick it up?

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