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By August 25, 2012Web Hosting
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Dreamscape Multimedia has partnered with InfoGenius to provide the powerful AlertBot web site and server monitoring service. This allows us to track the availability and performance of your web site from around the country and world.

AlertBot web site and server monitoringAlertBot continually collects performance data from your websites and servers and compiles it into reports, giving us the complete picture. If at any time, your website goes down or our web servers fail (we provide a 100% uptime guarantee for our servers), AlertBot analyzes the problem within seconds—from multiple geographic locations—and delivers real-time alerts to our staff via devices like cell phones and pagers. In short, AlertBot helps us ensure you’re receiving the uptime and performance your personnel expect and your customers demand.

At any time, you may request we add monitoring to your web hosting plan. Sites can be monitored at no cost to you at 30-minute intervals, 24/7/365. More aggressive website monitoring packages are available.

Website Monitoring Features

Test Network Connectivity
Test DNS
Test TCP and Port Response
Test Page Response
Test SSL Security
Monitor Multiple Pages/Ports for Free101010
On Error Diagnostics
Number of Geographic Locations5 or more5 or more5 or more
Local Time Zone Reporting
People to Contact on ErrorUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Contact Escalation at Error Stages
Number of Alert NotificationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Performance Tracking
Interactive Reports
Follow Browser Redirects
Test Password-protected Pages
Cookie Support
Uniquely Identifies ErrorsOver 25Over 85Over 85
Verify Page Content
Test Form Submission
Screen Shots of Page Errors

= Feature Included

Monitor Service Descriptions

Server Advanced Monitor – This web monitoring service will monitor any type of server port and verify that it is responding to connection attempts.

Website Standard Monitor – This website monitoring service is designed to test multiple pages on your website and verify that they are responding correctly by analyzing the server response and HTTP response.

Website Advanced Monitor – This website monitoring service is designed to test multiple pages or forms on your website by analyzing the web server response, HTTP response, and physically validating the text on the page. To be absolutely certain that your pages are being displayed correctly, this service takes the extra precautionary measure of verifying a piece of text on your page that you predefine. If an error is encountered, this monitor will save an HTML screenshot of the website errors for you to review later. This service is recommended for monitoring web pages of average to high importance.

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