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Are You Ready To Host Your Own Email?

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by Matt Schoenherr You’ve just been told by your IT guy that the email server is down for the next hour, at least; maybe longer. While minds more technology-savvy than your own are working on the latest outage, you take a moment to consider your email lifeline as it flashes before your eyes once again. Your company just moved to…

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internet speeds

Hong Kong Boasts Top Web-Browsing Speeds

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The next time you’re in Hong Kong, don’t worry about having to wait minutes for a page to download on the web. The business hub in China with more than 7 million people provides people with super-fast Internet access. In fact, SmartPlanet ranks it number one on its list of where to find the world’s fastest Internet, drawing its conclusion…

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internet neutrality

Europe Takes Steps to Ensure Internet Neutrality

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Internet neutrality is a hot topic of debate around the United States and Europe. Although laws around the world are still under development, Europe is making progress and leading the way with legal measures that may set the tone for other nations. Europe’s Steps to Internet Neutrality The European Union has proposed new laws that will prevent Internet service providers…

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SEO for cash flow

Improve Your Cash Flow

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Last week, I received a call from one of our web hosting resellers. Seems his credit card was being declined for his monthly web hosting reseller account. He apologized and asked if we could defer the payment a couple weeks. “Cash flow problems,” he said. Money was running tight while he waited for a client payment to arrive. Of course,…

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About Bad Web Hosts

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There are a lot of bad web hosts out there.. (..just ask these folks.) One of the best things you can do for your online marketing needs is to invest in a web host that cares about their clients. If your business isn’t appreciated by any company, they don’t deserve your money. The mark of a great web hosting company…

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