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Common Problems on Church Websites

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Church websites are often underfunded. While not surprising–as most are are non-profits–this underfunding often leads to ugly websites. No one likes an ugly website. The enigmatic, ubiquitous “they” say the first couple seconds someone visits your site determines whether or not they’ll decide to stick around. If your church website is not compelling, don’t expect anyone to stay for long….

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Only the Best Church Websites Use These Methods

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It’s easy for the church to become some sort of clique or club, like once you are part of it you’re instantly better than those who aren’t. This is exactly the opposite of what Jesus Christ intended for his followers, even if we do it unintentionally. Not only does this happen in-person and at the church buildings, but the dialog…

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Branding: Your Marketing Advantage

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In the realm of economics, profits and product manufacturing, branding is important. Because there are millions of products and manufacturers, there is bound to be competition within local and world markets. Competition in the market place is what drives companies to create and maintain effective (or sometimes ineffective) identities known as brands. These identities sell products and services if they…

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